Science 10 August 2012:
Vol. 337 no. 6095 pp. 662-663
Introduction to Special Issue

More Treasure Than Trash

Nick Wigginton, Jake Yeston, David Malakoff | 2 Comments

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As a building superintendent in NYC and part time textile recycler, I am astonished and..extremely proud that Wearable Collections, the group with which I volunteer, last year reclaimed and facilitated over a million and a half pounds of assorted textile - coats, handbags, shoes, linens, apparel, towels. Of course this kind of thing requires energy and commitment. And has it been worth it? Absolutely. Whenever we see youngsters come by with their parents to drop off textiles for re-use I always smile - the important habit of thinking in terms of recycling can be acquired. That worldview includes caring for the planet, for ourselves and future generations, by encouraging everyone to take part, young and old alike.. that's a job we all need to take very seriously. I never miss a chance to talk about this, educate and advocate. Next year we'll pass that one and a half million pounds of clothing and textile - easy!

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